It’s funny when Homer does it

Dear BBC,

I’ve just watched “The President’s Guide to Science”, part of the Horizon series on BBC 2. It was narrated by Helen McRory who, it seems, is unable to pronounce the word “nuclear” correctly, pronouncing it instead “nucular.” This is unfortunate as the first twenty and last ten minutes of the program were largely about nuclear technologies as weapons and a power source.

Please ensure in future that narrators can actually pronounce all the words in the script correctly before employing them. If they are unable to pronounce a particular word, don’t employ them to narrate a documenatary which features repeated use of that word.



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    One Response to It’s funny when Homer does it

    1. I gave up watching Horizon many years ago. It’s yet another “science” program which has at times had me tearing my hair out in frustration at the inaccuracies – it’s almost comical. I think the one about computers taking over the world and becoming intelligent in particular was diabolical. The one person responsible for 90% of the content (bias anyone) was a complete loon.