We could do with some, sometimes

Episode 16 of the Ubuntu podcast from the UK LoCo team has finally hit the web. This episode has been much delayed, firstly with a late recording and then a late release of said late recording. Life has been very busy for the protagonists on this show lately, with illness and trips abroad, moving house, birthdays, LUG meetings and hectic work schedules getting in the way of us all meeting up to record the show. We tried to get a VoIP setup which would provide us with high quality recordings whilst still actually enabling us to hear each other speak. The Linux Outlaws guys do this using Gizmo, as I understand it, but we wanted to stick to Free software and were using standard SIP clients. We struggled and then failed, really. For one of us, audacity could just record whilst still letting Ekiga make the call. For me, I had to use arecord to dump out a wave file, and even then it would only work with my crappy onboard sound card, not the off-board one I use to interface with my mixing desk. So we tried, but it sucked. Even if it had worked, I’m not sure we would have got the same energy and atmosphere as when we record in the studio.

Enough of us managed to get together the following weekend and, with super-editor Ciemon away, we got through the editing and mixing to make the release later than usual.Those excuses made, I think it’s a tidy little episode with a huge amount of feedback on episode 15 from listeners.

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