HantsLUG January Meeting

I’ve just given my talk “Developing Nicely: Digital Photography on Linux” at the January meeting of HantsLUG. First talk I’ve done in a while and certainly the first which has cleared the main meeting room. It’s always difficult selecting which information to leave out, but even so the talk went on for longer than I’d planned. It seemed to go well enough, a few interesting questions from the floor and relatively little heckling.

I’ve also been neglecting this blog a little recently but I think 2009 will bring lots of things I want to blog about. I’ve been twittering and identi.ca-ing though, and blog posts will now appear on those sites thanks to WordTwit.

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    2 Responses to HantsLUG January Meeting

    1. Greg says:

      Well I hope you video your talk so I can watch it sometime!


    2. Tony says:

      Sadly it wasn’t video. If I’m asked to give it again somewhere, maybe it will be!