Random photo

I was looking through my gallery and randomly came across this picture I took in Brussels for FOSDEM two years ago and I remembered that I really liked it. I thought I would share it with you lucky people.



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    5 Responses to Random photo

    1. I like the motion blur effect – longer exposure I presume?

      Is that popey looking significantly younger lol


    2. Tony says:

      Yeah, I’m sure the EXIF data could tell me, but it looks like 1/30 or thereabouts. And popey does look “younger”. 🙂

    3. Alan Pope says:


      Left to right: James, Neil, Me, Mat, Hugo, Phil, Graham.. I think..

    4. Tony says:

      I think that’s the right list of reprobates, popey.

    5. One can only guess at what subject Popey was eulogising about…

      But he does look significantly younger.