Podcoder – consistently tag and encode your podcast

Before the first episode of the Ubuntu podcast from the UK LoCo team was released, back in April last year, I knocked out a bash script to ensure we had consistent filenames and tags for the files we produce, right from the start. I named this script “podcoder” (short for podcast encoder, funnily enough) and stuck it up in my darcs repository.

I’m actually really proud, in a distinctly nerdy way, that we have had very few changes to the meta-data over the last 28 episodes. I started setting the genre tag midway through season one, and have added a track number in recent episodes. I also added “experimental” support for OGG and MP3 comments. But these are additions to data, not changes. The important thing is that we’ve never yet released an episode that doesn’t have consistent meta-data and filenames. I know of at least one other podcast uses podcoder to help produce their episodes.

Two people other than me have contributed to podcoder, which is, I should remind you, still a hacky bash script. The contributed patches produce a file which is compatible with last.fm and to produce files without season information. It’s great to have these contributions, but I’m starting to realise that the code is getting a little unwieldy and hard to maintain. So I’d like to put out a “request for patches” (if such a thing exists) or even just comments and advise on how podcoder should develop. There’s lots of repeated code which needs to be moved to functions and things like the MP3 comment tags which need fixing. So if you fancy poking around in the innards of podcoder, please be my guest! Send any questions or patches to me using the link at the top of this website.

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