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On Sunday October 25th 2009 the combined forces of Ubuntu UK Podcast and Linux Outlaws are putting on a one day barcamp style event in the glorious city of Wolverhampton. You are cordially and warmly invited, especially if you are of Linux-y, Open Source-y persuasion. Please help us spread the word by blogging about it, or Facebook-ing, tweeting, denting or shouting.

The location isn’t totally random, of course. It’s the day after LUG Radio Live, which is, as ever, being held in Wolverhampton. LRL has generally been a two day event but has been scaled back to only one day this year. This seemed like a great opportunity for us to put on an event on the Sunday. Many people were expecting LRL to be a two day event again and had booked to be around on the Sunday already.

How will OggCamp differ from LRL? Well, it’s a barcamp-style event, which means that there won’t be a full speaker schedule published before the event. It also means that you – the potential attendees of this event – can turn up and volunteer a talk about anything you want! We’re not just expecting geeky talks about obscure programming languages, so get your thinking caps on and see if you can come up with something a bit different! If you’d like to run any ideas past us, please see the bottom of this post for how to get in touch.

Where OggCamp will be a little bit different from a true barcamp is that both the Outlaws and Ubuntu-ites will be recording some content for our shows. We don’t know much more than that, but if you ever wanted to contribute to one of these podcasts, this is your best chance yet!

We’d also like to hear from companies who might be interested in sponsoring the event. Please contact me using the link at the top of my website, or IRC, or twitter, or anything. 🙂

For more information, check out the website, Facebook event page, twitter and accounts. Or just leave comments on this post. 🙂

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