Moving on, again

This Friday is my last day as IT & Registry Manager at Taunton’s College. On Tuesday (after what I’m hoping will be a great bank holiday weekend) I start as IT Manager at Fareham College. I’ve been at Taunton’s for just over three years and in that time we have addressed many of the issues facing the college – including old desktop stock, an aging server stack and an unmanaged switching infrastructure. (There’s still plenty for my successor to do though!) I’ve enjoyed my time at Taunton’s and had some great colleagues.

But I am looking forward to starting at Fareham, not least because there are new bits of technology for me to learn and a new team to get to know.

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    4 Responses to Moving on, again

    1. Dave says:

      Best of luck! – Can first thing on your list be to fix the host-headers on their IIS6 box? currently returns “Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)” 🙂

    2. DG says:

      Good luck!