Getting to the bottom of the buttons

There has been a lot of discussion about the experimental move of the window buttons (maximise, minimise, close) from the right hand side of the window to the left in the new theme for the next release of Ubuntu, Lucid Lynx. People have approved of the innovation, submitted it as a bug and helped people to change the buttons back to the right hand side. Some people said that they felt the decision to change the button location was made without consulting the community.

We were extremely pleased to be able to interview Ivanka Majic on the Ubuntu Podcast from the UK Local Community. Ivanka is the Design Team Lead for Canonical, the team responsible for the new look and feel of Ubuntu, from the ethos of the rebranding, through to the website to the font and of course the pesky window button placement. She talks about the button placement, the work of her team, why it is so important to have good data to back design decisions up and communicating with the community. It was a fascinating discussion which could have gone on for three times as long. I hope to have the opportunity to meet Ivanka in real life to continue it one day! The lengthy interview makes this bumper edition of the show “Behind The Screen” especially worth listening to.

You can download the episode here:

– MP3 (81MB download)

– OGG (40MB download)

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