OggCamp10 – so close you can taste it

OggCamp10 is just a few days away. In fact, it’s next weekend. Before I know it, it’ll be Friday and I’ll be on my way up the M6 to sunny Liverpool. With a packed week ahead at work, an evening class and an entire episode of the Ubuntu Podcast for the team to record, edit, mix and release before we go, it’s going to be mad and manic and marvellous.

In the last week or so, things have really started to come together. Equipment is booked, ready to be collected or delivered, kit lists are being checked and double-checked, travel plans calculated and all the last minute details being sorted. Unfortunately, the venue staff have told us that lift to the first floor, where main stage is, won’t be finished in time for OggCamp. The lift to basement is OK, and the exhibition is on the ground floor. The crew will help any wheel-chair users to get up to the first floor, but we’re really sorry for the inconvenience.

On a happier note, the mugs have arrived, looking all shiny and lovely:

OggCamp10 mugs

If you donate £5 to support the event, you can get your hands on one of these bad boys. Be the envy of geeks everywhere! Our exclusive t-shirts are also being printed as I type. From what I’ve seen so far they look fantastically cool and they are a “thank you” for everyone who donates £10 to support OggCamp.

The banners which will be hanging outside the venue have also been printed, and look like this:

OggCamp banner

I’m sure they are going to look great hanging outside the Black-E and, like all the design elements of OggCamp, are the result of Fab’s skills.

We’ve also had a flood of cool donations to our raffle. This was a highlight of last year’s event for many people. This year’s prizes include:

That’s a seriously nice collection of goodies, any of which I’d be happy to get my hands on! Every day new talks and activities are added to the OggCamp ideas wiki. I just hope I get time to enjoy some of them! With our Saturday night shin-dig now confirmed (Studio 2, from 7pm, a suitable venue for a podcast party if ever there was. 😉 ), and the volcanic ash being kept at bay, it looks set to one hell of a weekend. If you’re as excited as we are about OggCamp, join us in #oggcamp on the Freenode IRC network or our facebook page.

I can’t wait to see you there!
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