Geoff Sayers: Gone but definitely not forgotten

Geoff Sayers was the Head of Drama at St. Bede’s, the school I attended in the 1990s. Last week I found out that he had passed away, which was both a great shock and a great sadness. Geoff was one of those teachers whose individuality and commitment to their subject meant that every lesson was a memory. He helped me learn about lighting and sound, which became my job for a while and the skills from which I still use on the podcast and in my photography. Not without eccentricities, he achieved superb results on GCSE and A-Level courses. The chief examiner of the exam board often attended assessment performances personally to ensure they were fairly marked. Geoff directed many plays over the years, a few of which I had the privilege to be involved in, which were noted for some excellent individual performances and were often spectacular budget-busting ensemble pieces. Working in his drama classes also helped create friendships which are still strong today.

I posted a short message on my Facebook status when I found out he had died and soon a collection of comments amassed from ex-classmates, each of whom had their own memory of Geoff to share. Although there is a memorial service is being held at the school in September, getting together for an evening of memorial drinks felt like a fitting tribute for the man who treated his students like his cast, who was always a teacher but felt like a friend. So on Saturday 7th August we’ll be getting together in Reigate for some drinks and, I’m sure, a fair bit of reminiscing. There is a Facebook event page, but it would be great to see anyone who remembers Geoff with affection come along. Please pass the details on to those others who knew Geoff too.

Me with Chris, Geoff and Gareth

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    3 Responses to Geoff Sayers: Gone but definitely not forgotten

    1. Joe Hayward says:

      I was at St Bede’s, left in 2001, he was an immense teacher, he left a real impression on me, and I still to this day think of his lessons and laugh about his ways, zip zap boing, anyone?! Trips to London to see shows, always with fag in mouth and miniature whisky in hand, the cloud of smoke in the drama office along with Adam Rickett posters all over the walls! The most amazing school shows!
      I only learnt today that he had died and I am saddened and shocked by the news. I live near Sheffield now, but will try and make the gathering! Thanks x

    2. Lucy Cooper says:

      where abouts in reigate? I was at St Bedes when he joined the drama department, the other end of his career.

    3. Tony says:

      Hi Lucy, it’s at the Blue Anchor pub in West Street.