Live from Dublin!

UUPC Live - Laura Czajkowski

We’ve just released the recording of the live Ubuntu Podcast show we did at OSSBarCamp last weekend. Head over to the site and download it now!

The weekend was very enjoyable, though not without its stressful moments, some of which we relate in the opening of the show.¬†Having got up in the small hours of Saturday morning to make our 0650 flight, the plane broke and Alan and I were delayed for two hours whilst Flybe found us a new one. Consequently we landed late and missed the opening keynote. Alan pretty much had to walk on stage and start his talk straight away and I had to figure out how I was going to make the collection of audio kit we had unloaded from Laura Czajkowski‘s car do what I wanted it to do. Fortunately I was able to figure out a way to get it to do what I want, and of the three live shows we’ve done (two of which were with our good friends the Linux Outlaws at OggCamp), this one was probably the most sophisticated from a technical perspective. We had been lent two very nice AKG C1000s microphones to record the audience response and they worked very well, although the lack of a radio microphone meant that interacting with individuals in the audience was a bit difficult.

The audience was fairly small, but there was a group of keen fans in the middle of the room which helped! It was strange doing what was essentially a compressed version of one of our normal shows without any breaks. Apart from a few lapses in concentration I think we pulled it off. Perhaps we could manage a live stream of our show after all…

We were well and truly in need of a beer afterwards and thanks to one of the event sponsors we were treated to some. It was great to see the “basically French”¬†Bruno and his lovely wife for a couple of hours too, when they popped in on the last night of their grand tour of Ireland. One guy decided to set up a website to commemorate the evening he met Dave: The combination of the early start meant that I was fairly knackered. Even the noise of the nightclub operating outside my hotel window didn’t stop me drifting off in the small hours. Those of you who know my “The Princess and the Pea” tendencies will realise that this is something of an achievement.

The Sunday was quieter, as tends to be the case with two day conferences. My talk about the how, what and why of podcasting seemend to go down well, despite having a slightly compressed slot! Having added extra material to ensure I had enough to fill the full forty-five minutes, I then had to compress and re-edit it on the fly. The talk was videoed, so hopefully it will be available somewhere at some point.

Alan and I also interviewed the lovely Ana Nelson about her new project, Dexy. This project is a natural progression of the automated documentation work she was talking about when we interviewed her at last year’s OSSBarCamp. It was great to find out about the project and to see how her work had developed. As well as being reminded just how mind-bogglingly clever she is. Unfortunately we had to head off back to the airport to catch our flights (though as it turned out we needn’t have headed off quite so early as Dave’s flight, due to be the earliest of them all, was delayed), so we didn’t get much chance to chat afterwards. In fact, that was a theme for the weekend: There were lots of people it would have been nice to have had time to chat to, but it just wasn’t to be! Maybe next time… if we’re invited back!

Special thanks go to Laura Czajkowski who looked after us superbly, sorting out hotels, food, entertainments and driving us around all weekend! Hopefully we kept her amused in return!

UPDATE: A partial video of the live show is available from thanks to Brian O’Donovan.

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    One Response to Live from Dublin!

    1. The recording of your session on Sunday afternoon is now available at

      The video of the live podcast will be up soon (it is taking me longer than anticipated to convert and upload the material). Unfortunately the guy who owned the video camera had to rush out for his train before the end of your live podcast so the end of the podcast was not recorded.