New Forest

I went for a wander in the New Forest a couple of days ago to get in some more practice with my new camera. Unfortunately, having been sunny all afternoon, the light was very inconsistent once I got to the location. What I had hoped would be some lovely warm light turned into a cold grey landscape. It certainly feels like I’m getting to know my new camera better, though there’s still a way to go. Many frames seemed very cold, the in-camera white balance not doing a great job on this occasion.

It was great to be free to wander about and set my own schedule without worrying whether I was boring anyone other than myself. I could have spent two hours shooting the same leaf, if I’d wanted to! I certainly had the freedom to experiment with different lenses and settings. I should do it more often. The only time limit was the amount of sunlight left in the sky and as it disappeared over the horizon, I felt the call of a hot steak and stilton pie.

In the fading light on my way back to the car, I took the shot you see on the left. It’s actually a combination of two different attempts at processing the same exposure. It’s the first time I’ve tried that sort of masking technique. I need more practice but it seems to have come out OK. The vignette is due to the lens not actually being designed for a full-frame sensor, but I sort of like it.

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    1. rph says:

      Really nice shot. Glad you enjoying the new toys 🙂

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