You’ve got to start somewhere

Portrait from lighting workshop

Last weekend I was lucky to do a couple of very cool things. Lucky because I had decided to take the week off work at relatively short notice, and wanted to do something fun and educational with my camera. I had two main topics I wanted to learn about: Studio flash lighting and creativity and inspiration. Random googling managed to find a couple of sessions with a place available, no mean feat at such short notice.

Portrait from lighting workshop

On Friday I went up to London on the train for a workshop on studio portraiture lighting. The group was small, just 8 of us plus the instructor. I was the youngest there (it’s so rare that I can say that in any group these days!), and we got to play around with a variety of flash units, soft boxes and reflectors. It was good to get the chance to play around with the equipment and I felt confident enough as the day went on to ask the questions I had. The Blue Fin building in very impressive, and lunch was served on the 11th floor restaurant, which has a spectacular view across London. I’m keen to book a day or half day in a studio now where I can play with the equipment a little more independently, if I can come up with a good idea and a willing model! The photos in this post are from this workshop.

On Sunday I drove to Bath to take part in a workshop entitled “Introduction to The Creative Eye“. It was being run at the Royal Photographic Society headquarters, a group that comes in for some stick from some photographers. I was pleased to find it was a very open and accessible session, not hung up on achieving perfection. Again, it was a group of 8 people and the tutor kept us busy with a series of exercises, each of which gave us a different photographic technique to try. Although most of them are things I’ve tried before, it was useful to see what other people had produced using the same techniques in the same environs. It could never have been a “creativity pill” which left one with a bottomless mental pit of original ideas, but it did leave me feeling reassured that I just have to keep trying new things and to spend more time developing ideas.

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    One Response to You’ve got to start somewhere

    1. Hi Tony,

      It is interesting that you are trying to get more from your camera. I have recently bought myself my first DSLR, and want to get more from it. I did catch one episode of a show on five[1] that was very interesting. Also, Gizmodo do a regular shooting challenge[2] that I was hoping to try and use as a little inspiration.

      All the best.