Barcamp Southampton

A table for toastI went to Barcamp Southampton yesterday and really enjoyed myself. There were a good few members from Hampshire LUG there, but also a range of people from other communities. This is only good and proper as these barcamps are not FLOSS events per se, but for anyone of a technological bent. If you’re interested in how things work, in the most general sense, then you would enjoy a barcamp like this!

The day was really enjoyable, but a very different feel from the other barcamps I have attended. It was much more free-form, relaxed and just a little bit off the wall. I had to let my natural inclination for order and schedule to relax as much as I could! The table of toast-making equipment which greeted us set the tone rather well, and being set in an actual bar meant that those who wanted to could enjoy a pint with their free lunchtime bowl of chilli.

I gave my podcasting talk again. It seemed to go over rather well. I was talking in the second venue, the basement of the Hobbit pub up the road. I managed to get through the talk in 30 minutes, but really should know it well enough to have ditched my notes by now!

The organisers, two chaps called Chris from SoTech have already committed to running another one, so I’ll be looking forward to that. You can see more photos I took at the event in my gallery.

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