Blimey, I seem to have inspired someone!

Proactive Paul, who I met on Saturday at Barcamp Southampton, said nice things about my podcasting talk. Along with some others, I seem to have inspired Paul to turn to podcasting. Paul seems to be promising to podcast about self-improvement, effectiveness and personal development, all things which interest me a lot at the moment! True to his nickname, Paul has been very proactive and produced a first short podcast, which you can get here. I look forward to hearing more in the new year!

Oh, and there’s a nice photo on Paul’s podcast site, which I took. 🙂

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    One Response to Blimey, I seem to have inspired someone!

    1. Thanks Tony!

      Seriously, you were the catalyst that finally kicked this recalcitrant into action! On Sat 17 Dec 2010 (now that the Festive Break is truly upon us) I have started reworking my 3 private web sites and my 3 business web sites and I am making a commitment to myself and to all in my network . . .

      From 1 Jan 2011 I will (pretty much) release a podcast every Monday for one year. As you advocate, there needs to be a fixed programme and a review of things at the end. Your advice is also to plan a bit of time off . . . so to coincide with my as yet unbooked holidays . . . there should be 48 podcasts per year.

      The themes will generally be around “personal effectivesness”, “getting things done” and “improving business” with a particular emphasis on small businesses that want to be big!

      And Audacity is great!

      Thanks for all your advice.


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