I had to go out in the world and become strong

It seems to be the accepted custom to start a blog post about photography with a wise, cryptic or mystical saying. I couldn’t think of a really apt phrase, so yes, I used a quote from Tina Turner.

A couple of weekends ago I travelled up to Lancashire to do some photography with Graham Binns, both on location and in the studio. We had discussed all sorts of crazy ideas over the past few months, some of which I hope we get an opportunity to revisit in the future, but budget and sanity prevailed and we whittled our plans down to two days and four models. Fortunately Graham has already blogged all the gory practical details of the trip, which saves me from doing so.

Model: Cassie Jade

My mission was a simple one: To come back with some creative photos without having made a fool of myself along the way. I specifically wanted to get to grips with using off-camera flash on location, to experiment with flash modifiers and to road test a couple of lenses I’d hired for the weekend. I had only spent one day in a photographic studio before this trip, but the years I spend in theatre held me in good stead and I’m a quick learner. Working in tandem with Graham meant that I had time to ponder what look I wanted to set up next whilst holding up lights for him! I’d certainly never worked with professional or aspiring models before and it was something of a revelation. Although the three models we ended up working with were all vastly different personalities there was something quite liberating about their willingness to be photographed which in turn alleviated some of the pressure to get everything right first time.

Model: Cassie Jade

I’m really pleased with the results, some of which you can see in this blog post. You can see a slideshow of my picks from the weekend. I owe Graham a massive “thank you” for organising all the practicalities, scouting locations, booking models and the studio and generally being marvellous. I achieved my mission and had a great time along the way.


Model: Grace Harvey

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