OggCamp11 – It sold out already!

Wow. Just wow. I only blogged about OggCamp 11 on Wednesday and already the entire allocation of 200 free tickets has gone. In 5 days. That is in-smegging-credible. Looking down the list of names on the eventbrite page shows some familiar names and Ubuntu Podcast community regulars but a whole heap of names from other communities too. That is massively pleasing, impressive and reassuring. It means that OggCamp11 is all set to be the biggest and best OggCamp yet! It really has become the top community-run FLOSS event in the UK. It’s so exciting to see this silly idea we had back in 2009 get this much interest from such a variety of people across the FLOSS community.

I hope that lots of the people who signed up to come are getting their thinking hats on about what they would like to see at the event and how they can make it happen. Whether that’s a talk, a workshop, demonstration or just a big chat, please come along to OggCamp with something to make happen in your back pocket.

With four months to go, it’s going to be a lot of work to get the event together, but right now I’m fired up for it like you wouldn’t believe…

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