As It Occurred To Him

Richard Herring

On Monday, I attended the recording of the last ever episode of “As It Occurs To Me.” Released as an unedited weekly podcast for a few weeks a year, Richard Herring writes and performs the show based on events or thoughts which have presented themselves to him during the preceding seven days. At least, that’s the theory. The strain of writing an hour of original material every week has been massive and, as more lucrative and less stressful work has been coming along, Richard has decided to end the show. Over past three years I’ve become very fond of it, both because of the original concept and the multi-week in-jokes which became its distinguishing feature. It’s not a family-friendly show (the story behind the photograph above is typically disgusting) and not really accessible to new listeners (the story behind the photograph above has its genesis in the very first episodes.) But I feel much the same way about the passing of this show as I do about LugRadio, a sense of loss but happiness that I was a part of it in some small way. So thanks to Richard, TV’s Emma Kennedy, Dan Tetsell and Christian Reilly for all the memories.

I’ve prepared a slideshow of some photographs I took during the recording.




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    One Response to As It Occurred To Him

    1. Tammy XX says:

      Brilliant pics!

      Oh, the memories!