The Box

OK, this might get a little complex for casual readers. This box is one of a pair, specially commissioned for my brother and me by our antipodean Auntie Marjorie. We were presented with them at BBQ a couple of weeks ago. Each has our initials inlaid in the lid. What makes them even more special is that they were made by Hamish Low. Hamish is an expert cabinet maker, producing a range of extraordinary creations with Nicola. He specialises in Bog Oak, the correct drying and treatment of which is an art-form in itself. You can see more of their work amazing work on their website. The craftsmanship on the boxes is superb, with delicate marquetry in the lid and round the base.

It gets even more personal though. Hamish has been a friend of my family for years. His Mum was my Godmother. When my brother and I were growing up, Hamish’s sister would baby sit for us. My Dad apparently forced Hamish to the pub on his 18th birthday. Hamish still uses the same tools that my grandfather, also a wood worker, did when he was alive. So they have a great story behind them as well as being generous gifts! Thanks Marjorie, Hamish and Nicola!

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    1. Andy S-C says:

      Wow, that’s beautiful – what a treasure, in so many ways!

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