The obligatory “Hello Planet Ubuntu” post

Last night I was pleased to be accepted as an Ubuntu member. I’ve been using Ubuntu for over five years and involved with the community side of the project for about the same amount of time, but have only recently decided to go for membership. Why? How did I find the process? Be sure to listen in to a future episode of the Ubuntu Podcast to find out!

For those who are now seeing my blog syndicated on Planet Ubuntu, a little bit about me:

  • Day job: IT Manager at a Further Education College in the UK
  • Other job: In my spare time (ha!) I am a photographer (and have started a wedding photography business)
  • A member of the UK LoCo Ubuntu Podcast team
  • Co-organiser of OggCamp, the biggest, best and free-est FLOSS event in the UK
  • Judge on the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase community artwork competition for three releases
  • Attended UDS-Intrepid and UDS-Jaunty to conduct video interviews with developers, track leads etc.
  • Gave a talk on media production on Ubuntu as part of Ubuntu Open Week
  • I live in Hampshire, in the UK
  • I started using Linux whilst at university in 2001.
Thanks for reading! I hope you find my ramblings interesting.
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