The writing on the quilt

Whenever I visit my Mum and Dad, I’m usually presented with an assortment of possessions I’ve never got round to removing in the years since I left. I visited Mum yesterday and amongst the obligatory pile was a sort of paper-based quilt, apparently showing the story of my life thus far. Among the holidays and favourite teachers occupying the twenty or so squares were not one but two computers. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I’d grow up to play with them for a living!

If anyone can identify what “The 4802” might have actually been, please leave a comment.

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    4 Responses to The writing on the quilt

    1. Andy S-C says:

      Reckon it must be one of these
      RML 480Z – diskless version of the good ol’ RML 380Z that so many of us cut (some of) our teeth on!

    2. Mark says:

      Looking at the picture closer, it does look more like a Z than a 2.

    3. yon says:

      it reminds me of “the 456”

      and to the right – denmark?

    4. Stuart says:

      Old train, “the 4802”, Newark Penn Station:

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