Jorgenson Album Designer on Ubuntu

Jorgenson supply beautiful, customised photo albums and I’ve selected them for my wedding photography. Not only is the variety of albums wide and the quality very high, but they have album design software which is dead easy to use. I use Ubuntu on my computer, and software isn’t always made available by third parties in a version compatible with it. The Jorgenson Album Designer (JAD) is officially provided for Windows and Mac OS X. When I saw it demonstrated at a recent exhibition it looked very slick running on Windows.

A little investigation showed that the software is actually written in Java. I was able to install and run it on my Ubuntu computer just as easily as on Windows. (I have the Sun Oracle java runtime installed.) Java on Linux is just ugly, so sadly the application doesn’t look anywhere near as nice as the albums which it produces. But it does allow integration with any external image editor and seems to play nicely with the GIMP. So I can continue to use my favourite operating system for yet another aspect of photography. 🙂


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    3 Responses to Jorgenson Album Designer on Ubuntu

    1. Arik says:


      If you launch the app with the look&feel parameter, it will use the GTK look & feel, like this:
      java MyApp

      It doesn’t guarentee that the app will look good – when developing in Java, you still have to test in each environment and I don’t know if the authors really tested it with this look and feel, but you can try 🙂

    2. Tony says:

      Thanks for the tip Arik, I’ll give it a go!

    3. I think this is a interesting program. I don’t now how to check if I have java installed on my Lucid

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