It’s not what it looks like…

At first I thought it was just a cute Christmas gift. Among a whole heap from my Mum and Dad, nestled next to a coconut (yes, that’s right, an actual coconut). What looked like a Canon lens was actually a mug, carefully crafted to look like a Canon lens. There are a few differences between the mug and the lens it apes if you look closer (“ESF” rather than “EF-S”) but it’s certainly convincing at a glance. And the lens cap/hood can be used as a biscuit holder! Not that I’d know of course… *ahem*

I started using the mug last week, carrying it to the water cooler and back. But it turned out to be refreshing in a whole different way. Almost every time I walked down the corridor someone commented on it. Thanks to this marvellous mug, I met two or three photographers, including someone who also photographs weddings in Hampshire! I never imagined that a piece of plastic, a simple simulacrum, would start great conversations and lead to new friendships. Thanks, Mum and Dad!

P.S. I’ve been blogging every Saturday since the start of the year. From next week, new blog posts will appear on a Monday. Happy reading!

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    4 Responses to It’s not what it looks like…

    1. Thats what I got for Christmas too ! Still get a heart attack when I look at the back of the kitchen cupboard & see it there !

    2. Tony says:

      Yes, it still causes the occasional double take for me too! 🙂

    3. Thompson Edolo says:

      Hi, nice lens, hem, mug you got there. Seeing that i saw this post @ planet Ubuntu, I was wondering if you could help me. I just made the switch to Ubuntu and I can’t seem to be able to install my camera on the OS.

      Help me please!!!


    4. Tony says:

      What camera is it? And what do you mean by “install” it on the OS?

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