Sign your life away

One of the websites I’ve found useful for my wedding photography business is SignNow. It’s a free service  for signing contracts, unaffected by the delays of the postal service and saves paper too. At the risk of sounding like an advert, it’s really quick and easy. Register an account, upload a copy of the document. Enter the e-mail addresses of the people you want to sign it and wait.

As a client, you receive an e-mail with a link to the document.You don’t need an account, no registration is required. One click and you can read the document and add your signature. That’s done by uploading an image, drawing using their mouse or by typing directly. All three methods are legally binding here in the UK, the US and elsewhere. You then receive a copy of the contract in PDF format in your e-mail and another copy when I’ve signed the contract too.

When I first looked into the site a year or so ago, when it was still quite shiny and new, there were a few minor problems with its terms & conditions. Most bothersome was a clause that meant that SignNow owned the rights to any documents you uploaded. The company were very helpful when I explained why that was a problem for me and fortunately the clause has been removed in more recent versions of the T&Cs.

It used to be possible to mark where on the document you wanted the other parties to sign, but that’s not the case in the newer version of the site. So it’s important to make sure that the document itself makes this clear. Also, It would be nice to be able to send copies of the same standard contract out to different parties, but it’s not too much of a burden to upload it each time.

If a client isn’t comfortable signing on-line then a traditional printed and posted contract is still an option. But if they are then it seems like a great way to be doing business.

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    3 Responses to Sign your life away

    1. Prateek says:

      I do this locally all the time, with Inkscape/LibreOffice/Xournal. No need of a third party.

    2. Tony says:

      Thanks Prateek, but that would require the other party to have Inkscape/LibreOffice/Xournal installed. That’s not the case for most people. Plus with SignNow there’s no risk of them accidentally altering any other part of the document.

    3. Prateek says:

      Yes, that’s true! 🙂

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