Helen and Jeff

Helen and Jeff had chosen an 1920s/1930s theme for their wedding and all the guests dived headlong into the spirit of the event, sporting some splendid spats and fabulous feather boas. Helen was resplendent in a suitably period dress, her hair in tight ringlets and bright red lipstick matching her bouquet of roses. After the ceremony at the Register Office in Hemel Hempstead, Jeff opened the champagne much to Helen’s concern!

For a 1920s/1930s theme wedding, Helen and Jeff couldn’t have found a more perfect venue than the Gatsby in Berkhampstead. It originally opened in 1938 as a cinema and its foyer and dining hall are still resplendent in the original art deco fittings. A lot of effort had clearly been put into the details, with Jeff putting his skills as a graphic artist to good use creating versions of vintage film posters featuring the couple in place of the original artistes.

The reception was a swinging affair, with live piano accompaniment and lots of Pimms!

It was a very relaxed and fun day and I’m grateful to Helen and Jeff for letting me share it with them! You can see more on my wedding photography site.

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