But which one is the straight man?

Tomorrow evening there will be the usual fortnightly live episode of the Ubuntu Podcast. The unusual thing about this episode is that, for the first time since the show started nearly one hundred episodes ago, and the first time since we started streaming the show live at the beginning of season four, I won’t be pushing the buttons. Unfortunately I can’t make the recording session so my good friend Alan is going to be driving the various computers necessary to make the show happen, forming a double act with the one and only Mark.

Back when we started doing the show, we always planned that other people could take over the responsibility of recording and mixing the show. Now, almost five years later we are finally putting it to the test! Alan and Mark will be live from 2030 BST (1930 UTC) and it sounds like they’ve got some great stuff lined up for the show. You can find out how to listen live here.

It’ll be weird not being there for the studio recording, having always made it in the past. But I’ve contributed a pre-recorded interview to the episode, and I’ll be listening to the live show and chatting in the IRC channel. So come along and join in!

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