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In September I’m going to the Power: Reimagined convention. What’s that, I hear you ask? Well, a group of very clever Doctor Who fans have got together and remade a missing 1960s Doctor Who story called Power of the Daleks. It’s one of the many stories from the Patrick Troughton era which no longer exists in the BBC archives and it features the Daleks at their best: Plotting, manipulative and cunning. Segments from their remake have been appearing on Youtube but the convention will feature a full cinematic screening of the whole thing. And it’s all for charity. The same team who produced this new version of Power of the Daleks have been responsible for stage adaptations of other missing Doctor Who stories over the past decade. For this film they assembled seven Daleks, a variation on the original new series design (blimey, this gets complicated) and a TARDIS and presumably some actors too.

There’s also a very impressive guest list for the convention: Christopher Barry (the director of the 1960s original), Michael Troughton (Patrick’s son), Anneke Wills (Polly in the original), the DVD Restoration Team and the actors who portray the Daleks in the TV series, Nick Briggs and the lovely Barnaby Edwards (whom we interviewed on the Ubuntu podcast last year).

I’m really rather looking forward to the convention. (Having not been to a single Doctor Who convention in 14 years, this will be my third this year!) I’ve resisted watching the new version so far, saving it up for the convention. I have listened to the BBC CD soundtrack of the original in preparation though. It’s also great to have a convention happening so close to home. If you are in the area and a bit of a Doctor Who geek like me, come along!

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    2 Responses to Feel the power

    1. Joey-Elijah says:

      With Power being my all time favourite classic serial I couldn’t resist watching the first part of this when it went up on YouTube.

      It’s a valiant effort; it’s well made, acted, and they’ve adapted the original story flawlessly.

    2. Tony says:

      Thanks Joey, I’m looking forward to seeing it. Hope I can resist watching it before the event. 😉

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