The Great Big OggCamp Photo Project

I ran a photo project to make a portrait of everyone at OggCamp. I took my camera kit, a couple of speedlights, modifiers and a background stand. Alan had arranged for a roll of white seamless to be delivered to… the hotel down the road from the venue (leading me to re-enact scenes from The Plank as I carried it up the hill).

There were several other photographers who wanted to get involved and they did a great job. Loads of OggCampers wanted to have a portrait made, bringing some typically geeky humour to the images. There were definitely some challenges: Not being able to completely blow out the backdrop, everyone shooting different models of camera in different modes. I chose to present the photos in black and white, partly to keep in with the monochromatic theme of the OggCamp website but partly to make these differences less obvious.

I ran a slideshow of some of the photographs to the packed main auditorium, just before the end of the event. It was great to hear the crowd laughing and “awww”ing at the photographs. There was a hugely positive response on Twitter and Google+ and I’ve been inundated with people asking if they can have a copy of their photo since then. We didn’t get to photograph everyone, of course, but we did create what I wanted: A great memento of a great weekend.

The photos will be available soon but in the mean time here are some of my favourite frames:

I really, really enjoyed the weekend. Thanks to everyone who helped out and everyone who organised it. I didn’t get to see any more talks than in previous years, but it was great to be there without the pressure of organising it. About halfway through I realised that not having an earpiece strapped to the side of one’s head made the whole experience much less stressful. I got to meet loads of new people and catch up with old friends. There was a really positive community spirit bouncing about.

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    2 Responses to The Great Big OggCamp Photo Project

    1. Ross says:

      Did the other pictures make it online anywhere?

    2. Tony says:

      Hi Ross, the other photos are with Fab to put on the OggCamp website.

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