The Power of the Daleks

I had a great time at the Power Reimagined charity convention this weekend. The whole event had a relaxed, informal atmosphere, and I was pleasantly surprised to bump into several people I knew.

Anneke Wills, Christopher Barry and me

All the sessions were entertaining, but it was particularly wonderful hearing Christopher Barry talk about his early career, working on films at Ealing. Christopher directed stories with each of the first four Doctors, including the first ever Dalek story which was to give the series a future. It was lovely to meet Anneke Wills too. Having read the first part of her autobiography, I snagged a copy of the second. Anneke advised me to have some tissues handy, it’s a bit of a tear jerker.

The Dalek Masterclass run by Nick Briggs and Barnaby Edwards was jolly too. They dismantled one of the Dalek props made for the Power Reimagined film, giving everyone the chance to see the inner construction and to get an idea what it is like to operate one. Several kids from the audience got to act as obstacles to be exterminated and even try the famous ring modulator voice effect. Nick and Barney told me later that they hadn’t really prepared anything for it, but their natural bonhomie meant that they were a very effective double act. It was the sort of session that I could have seen being run at the official convention in Cardiff.

Nicholas Briggs, me and Barnaby Edwards

The Power Reimagined film itself was great fun. The effects were particularly impressive and the Daleks props looked as good as those made by the BBC. Thanks to everyone who helped organise the event.

(Photos from the event photographer, supplied courtesy of the organisers.)

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