Happy birthday Mum!

It was my Mum’s 60th birthday yesterday. (I hope she won’t mind me saying that on-line. Oh well, too late!) I put together a photo-book as a present, a photographic retrospective if you will. Dad did an amazing job of digging through scores of old photographs, finding some images I’d never seen before. It was fascinating looking at photographs from when they had just moved into their first house together and even further back. I’m not quite sure I needed to see just how short skirts really were in the 1960s though!

It reminded me how important photographs can be in capturing moments that gain significance with time, even if they might not seem particularly special when the image was taken. I love documenting wedding days, days which are inherently special to everyone involved. And I know those images will be on walls and mantlepieces for decades to come. But after looking back through all those informal, candid photographs from forty or fifty years ago I have resolved to make more of an effort to take photographs of other occasions too.

A host of friends and family gathered together over the weekend for a celebratory meal. It was great to have so many people come together to celebrate and I particularly enjoyed catching up with my cousins. We’re all properly grown up now, it’s quite scary. (One of them pointed out that, after my Uncle’s 60th in a few years, I will be next in line for the big 6-0! Definitely not impressed by that, even though it’s still decades away!)

Happy birthday Mum, I hope you enjoyed it.

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