An evening out for the shy and cynical

On Wednesday I went up London to see Rob Shearman interviewed by Simon Guerrier. I’d not been to a BSFA (the British Science Fiction Association) event before, but found them to be a friendly bunch, a surprising number of whom were called Tony. (In all honesty, I’d not even heard of the BSFA before this event. My science-fiction tastes are as parochial as my geographic location, shortcomings which are entirely my own.) The crowd of thirty or so people generated an atmosphere similar to a LUG meeting and the whole thing was relaxed and informal.

As well as wanting to hear Rob and Simon talk for myself, I was also there to record the event for future release on a podcast. It was great to have a few minutes to chat with Simon and Rob whilst setting up the bag of audio bits I had dragged up to London. Not having been to a BSFA event before, I didn’t know anyone there. Fortunately, Simon took the time to introduce me to various people from the smorgasbord of Doctor Who creative types present, including Paul Cornell, Graham Sleight and Mark Wright. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to speak to either Jason or Paul from Big Finish before they left.

It was fascinating to hear Rob talking about his time as a theatre writer, his short stories, audio and television work. He was generally self-deprecating, rather funny, and very honest about the frustrations of the creative process behind modern television. Rob also read an excerpt from a new short story, which went down very well. It was a very pleasant way to spend an hour or so and I was sorry to have to leave early to get home at a reasonable hour. Being able to attend events like these are almost enough to make me wish I lived nearer London.

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    1. Tony says:

      The recording has been released by The Doctor Who Podcast and is available from for your listening pleasure. Listeners of a sensitive nature should be aware that there are some swears in it!

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