SkyCon 2012

I’ve just got in after a hectic and tiring weekend at SkyCon. So apologies if this post doesn’t make much sense! I can’t even think of a witty title for it. I’d not been to Limerick before and, although events of this sort unfortunately don’t allow one much time to explore, the parts of it I did get to see were very nice.

The University campus was a great place to hold the event: The building had strong wireless coverage and the lecture theatres had all the AV equipment needed.

It was great to see some familiar faces from OggCamp and other events among the crowd, and to make some new acquaintances. As well as the folk from Limerick, others had travelled from Galway and Dublin to be there.

The opening keynote was by Mark Shuttleworth, who talked about the importance of juju in cloud computing and the design vision for Ubuntu. It says a lot that Mark will happily talk to people at a small event like this as readily as a huge one like OSCON.

Randall Monroe, the creator of xkcd, talked about his recent comic called “Click and Drag” and wondered about what economic impact it had. The image tiles he created for the strip combine to make an image close to a terapixel in size, which would be several stories high and tens of metres long if printed at 300dpi.

My talk was about my experiences podcasting and it seemed to go over well, despite being right after lunch. One attendee even told me the following day that my talk had been “bouncing around” her head ever since. It’s great to feel that maybe I inspired someone to try something new.

I also recorded a couple of interviews whilst I was there. Listen in to the Ubuntu Podcast over the next few episodes to hear them!

Thanks to Andrew, Laura Czajkowksi and the University of Limerick for inviting me along and looking after all the speakers so well! And “thanks” to Stuart for getting everyone at the conference dinner to sing “Happy Birthday” to me…

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