Fear and Horror in Portsmouth and London

This hectic October is nearly over! In between wedding shoots and some promotional photos for the lovely folks at Boffo Theatre, we went to see Nicholas Briggs as Sherlock Holmes in “A Study in Fear” at the King’s Theatre in Portsmouth. Nicholas was very strong as Sherlock, and the re-working of a classic Holmes story was a good idea. I didn’t realise until I flicked through the programme, but Watson was played by Ian Sharrock, who was also Alan Partridge’s biggest fan Jed Maxwell. The production was a little static for my tastes, and could have done without the final scene of exposition which detracted from the dramatic denouement. The theatre was built at the beginning of the 20th Century, but is utterly Victorian in atmosphere and appearance. It’s absolutely magnificent, from the original tiles around the walls of the stalls, the benches up in the gods, the bars, stairways and the tiny box office at the side entrance.

James from The Doctor Who Podcast had invited us to a preview of Mark Gatiss’ new documentary about horror films at the BFI. I’d not visited the BFI Southbank before and was impressed with the facilities and programme of films. The documentary screening was followed by a Q&A session with Mark and two of his collaborators on the project. Although I’m not especially interested in horror as a genre, I’d enjoyed the previous series of documentaries Mark made on the subject. It was great to see the documentary projected on the large screen in high definition, giving me lots of opportunity to study the cinematography and lighting!

Oh, and the recording I made of Rob Shearman being interviewed by Simon Guerrier has been released by the good folks at the DWP and is available from http://thedoctorwhopodcast.com/upload/RobShearmanBSFA.mp3 for your listening pleasure. Listeners of a sensitive nature should be aware that there are some swears in it!

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