London Falling, Airlock opening

A couple of weeks ago I recorded Paul Cornell being interviewed about his new book, London Falling at the November BSFA meeting. Paul is a prolific science fiction and fantasy author who has written for just about every medium. Among his many contributions to Doctor Who is the TV story Human Nature.

It was another enjoyable evening at the BSFA, although my run of bad luck in their raffle continued. As with the Rob Shearman interview I recorded in October, the folks at the Doctor Who Podcast have released the recording. The interview is available for download from this ‘ere link:

James from the DWP kindly picked me up a copy of London Falling at the swanky launch party the following week, then teased me with the evidence.

A few days later, I joined James and Luke (from the Minute Doctor Who Podcast) at the BFI‘s annual “Missing Believed Wiped” event. Over the course of about five hours, we saw a range of recovered material, including a lost “Thirty Minute Theatre” and forty-five minutes of continuity clips, which were much more entertaining than you might think!

The main reason I went was to see “Airlock”, the third episode of the 1965 Doctor Who story “Galaxy 4”, that was recovered last year. The episode hadn’t been shown since its first broadcast. Following restoration, the picture quality was fantastic. The production values were fairly low but the performances were great, in particular Maureen O’Brien as Vicky and Stephanie Bidmead as Maarga.

You can hear more thoughts on “Airlock” from me, James and Luke in episode 175 of The Doctor Who Podcast. Luke also videoed James and I talking about “Airlock” as part of his advent calendar countdown to Christmas, which you can see on Youtube.

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