Well, that about wraps it up for 2012

I enjoy writing my “end of year” post so it’s especially pleasing that it has, for once, fallen on New Year’s Eve itself. Of course it seems likely that nobody will read it, being too heavily engrossed in revelries and fripperies to be spending time on-line. But it’s an excuse to trawl through my tweets, blog posts and Facebook entries and remind myself of some of the highlights, in no particular order:

  • The continued growth of my wedding photography business, with some great clients in fantastic locations
  • Throwing myself back into the world of Doctor Who fandom by attending not one, not two, but three conventions. I enjoyed them all but the official Cardiff convention was fantastic, and included a tour of the actual TARDIS set
  • Going to a heap of other events at the BSFA and BFI, mostly thanks to James from the DWP
  • The #random2012 trip with Amy and Neil
  • A fifth glorious season of the Ubuntu Podcast, which saw us reach our 100th episode and top 1 million downloads. Broadcasting live every two weeks continued to be good fun, and hopefully we will be back in 2013
  • The OggCamp photo project was a great success (as was the event itself)
  • Speaking at Skycon, where everyone sang happy birthday to me
  • The Olympics, particularly the opening ceremony which featured my good friend Heidi
  • Celebrating my Mum’s 60th birthday with lots of relatives
  • Finally had the bathroom renovated – the last room in the house that needed doing!
  • A fun photoshoot with Boffo Theatre, the results of which I hope to share in the new year
  • Experimenting with medium format film for the first time
  • Started cycling regularly, clocking up the miles and shedding a few more pounds.
  • A whole heap of other trips to see fantastic friends: Iain, Stuart, Chris, Zoe, Wing, Tess
  • And impressive productions: Stewart Lee and Richard Herring, Sherlock Holmes, Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy, Reduced Shakespeare Company
  • I wrote a new blog post every week for the whole year. Only one of which was late.

What does next year hold? Well, I’m sure it will be even more busy. I’ve got some great wedding photography clients lined up for next year and some ideas about other things I want to do. But more about that in due course… Happy New Year!

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