Knocked for six

We’re having our traditional planning curry to discuss ideas for the sixth season of the Ubuntu Podcast this weekend.

Having a break between seasons gives us the chance to recharge our batteries. It’s also a good time to take stock of what the previous clutch of episodes contained, what worked well and what didn’t. We always like to keep things interesting for us as presenters by trying new ideas. Sometimes they work out well, sometimes they don’t. Giving ourselves new challenges helps make sure we don’t get stuck in a rut.

If you have any feedback or suggestions about what you would like to see from the Ubuntu Podcast in future, please let us know. You can leave a comment on this blog post, send us a message on twitter (@uupc) or e-mail

Or you could try sending us a message through the power of thought. But I wouldn’t recommend that.

That it is almost five years since we released our first episode is hard to believe. Although the essential character of the show is broadly the same as it was in 2008, it has undoubtedly developed as both the presenter line-up and production workflow has changed. The best episodes of the last season were pretty slick and fun to record. Hopefully they were enjoyable to listen to too.


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    One Response to Knocked for six

    1. Raj Rijhwani says:

      Out of last year’s perhaps not the best for quality, but certainly high on the list for enjoyment, if only for the slightly slapstick nature, has to have been Alan and Mark keeping it barely together on their own.

      Especially the open mike at the end. Whoops! (I so wish I had recorded it…)

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