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Ubuntu One is a service that I have come to rely on. Initially a personal user, I use it for my wedding photography too these days. I promise I’m not getting a kick back for writing this, I’m just writing about a service that I use and appreciate! If you’ve not heard of Ubuntu One before, it’s a service that copies your files to the cloud, and then keeps them synchronised with different computers and across operating systems. Here’s how I use Ubuntu One:

  1. Storing and sharing. I make the images from pre-wedding photo sessions available to clients to download via an Ubuntu One link. Right click the zip file containing the images, click Ubuntu One, then click publish. Then e-mail them the link. Job done.
  2. Selection list and template contract. When I update my selection list or template contract it’s important that I use the most recent version consistently. The automatic synchronisation means I always have the latest version available no matter which device I’m working on.
  3. Other bits and bobs. The various versions of my logo I’ve needed, the occasional spreadsheet, graphics for my printed DVDs and so on. Again, edit on one machine, available on all of them.
  4. Mobile integration. I can select folders from my Ubuntu One store to have synchronised on my Android devices. I use an Android tablet to showcase my photographs with prospective clients. I can update the folders on my main PC and have the images magically appear on the tablet. Ubuntu One also uploads photographs taken on my Android smartphone automatically, an easy way to make a backup.
  5. Music. I like listening to music as I edit photographs and the Ubuntu One Music Store makes it easy to get hold of new tracks.

If, due to some freak occurrence, I am away from my computer, laptop, phone or any other device that is actually mine, I can still get access to my files through the web interface. Also, the terms and conditions are friendly and pretty easy to read. And you get 5GB storage space for free. Yes, there are other similar services, such as Dropbox. But Ubuntu One came with my operating system and hasn’t yet given me a reason to look elsewhere!

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