Let’s talk about six, baby

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that we were planning the sixth season of the Ubuntu Podcast. Well, after much curry and tea, we decided to sally forth and put on a show!

The first live recording session of the season will be on Wednesday 27th February – that’s this Wednesday! The first episode of the season will be available to download from the website the following day.

The eagle-eyed will have noticed that we’ve moved the live recording session from a Tuesday evening to a Wednesday evening. Wednesdays fit better with our personal schedules. We know that some people who used to be able to listen live won’t be able to, and we’re sad about that. But there are also people who couldn’t listen on Tuesdays who will now be able to. And we’re pleased about that.

The other big change is that the Ubuntu Podcast will be coming to you weekly. Every week there will be a new episode available from the website, or iTunes or wherever else you find the show. We like to shake things up, it helps keep things interesting for us as well as you, the lovely listeners. Some shows will be more topical, with more analysis of the news and events in the Ubuntu community. Others will include interviews and some returning favourite features from previous seasons.

So join us at 2030 UTC on Wednesday 27th February for the first live recording! http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/live

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