I evolve, I don’t revolve

There’s something rather swish happened to my wedding photography website. It has a brand new design which I’m really happy with.

The new design for Tony Whitmore Wedding Photography website

So, why the new design? I wanted more space to show off my photographs which is, after all, what it’s all about. Fewer words, more pictures. All the images are now a much larger resolution and I’m pleased with how much better they look. Each image on the home page now links straight to the blog post for that wedding.

I had to produce larger versions of all the images on the site, as I had been rather too efficient when originally uploading them and made images that were too small for the new theme. It was enlightening going back over old images and re-processing them for the new page layouts. I hope you’ll agree that they look even better than before.

The new design is also much more responsive than the old one, so there’s a much better experience browsing the site from mobile devices. The old design worked well enough, but web designers can now do much more for sites viewed on mobile devices. In the last twelve months mobile traffic to my site has increased by over 10%, so I wanted to be sure those users had a great experience.

The old design

The old design

The site runs WordPress, the open source blogging and content management system. One of the nice things about WordPress is that, for the most part, it separates content from presentation. It’s nowhere near as much work to switch to a new design than back in the good old days of hand-crafted HTML. It’s still not exactly easy, as things like widgets and custom menus need changing when you move theme.

Anyway, I hope you like the new design!

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    2 Responses to I evolve, I don’t revolve

    1. mikhas says:

      The gallery looks very clean and elegant. Since you mentioned WordPress I assume the gallery is a publicly available plugin? Where could I get it?

    2. Tony says:

      Hi Mikhas, the gallery is part of the theme which is by Organic Themes. It’s a paid for theme, but I like it!

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