Can I go to bed yet?

It’s been quite a week. But in a really good way. It started off last Sunday with a trip to see Richard Herring‘s latest show, “Talking Cock.” The subject matter should be obvious from the title, and it says something about the topics he has covered in the past that this is probably the lightest and fluffiest of the four shows that I’ve seen. It’s very enjoyable and not particularly crude.

I spent the middle of the week at the Photography Farm, a three day residential workshop run by the award-winning Lisa Devlin. I’ll write more about it and share some of my photographs in a couple of weeks, but for now suffice it to say that it was a challenging, fun and exhausting time. It will take me a while to fully absorb it all, but I know it will have a huge impact on my wedding photography. But most importantly I met some fantastic new friends.

This weekend was Big Finish Day 3 in Barking, where I was proud to be representing The Doctor Who Podcast, wearing one of their rather snazzy t-shirts. I recorded lots of interviews with contributors to Doctor Who and Big Finish. I won’t list them all here to preserve some element of surprise, but I’m grateful to so many people for giving up their time to talk to us.

Then back home, via a whistle-stop visit to Emma Jane and James Westby’s wedding reception in Nottingham, where I managed to fall over spectacularly on sheet ice less than two seconds after warning others not to do the same. Ow.

The last thing I wanted on Sunday evening was to go back out into the cold, but I’m glad I made the effort to see Mark Thomas’ show “Bravo Figaro.” It’s a performance piece rather than stand up, and is in turns funny, dark and touching.

And now, I’m off to bed.

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