Louisa and Ben

It was a pleasure to be asked to photograph Louisa and Ben’s wedding this spring. I’ve known Louisa for several years and there’s something extra special about seeing a friend get married. Plus it was just about the only warm and sunny day we had this spring, at the Hotel du Vin in Poole. If you’d like to see and read more, head over to my website for the full write-up.

Louisa and Ben at Hotel du Vin Poole

Louisa and Ben at Hotel du Vin Poole

One of the unique things about Louisa and Ben’s wedding was the number of guests. They had invited only their immediate family and closest friends, about twenty-one people. I think it gave the whole day an intimacy that can be difficult to create at a larger event. It also meant that Louisa and Ben had the time to talk to everyone properly, rather than hopping from one person to the next as can happen with larger numbers. I’m sure there are other advantages too: It must keep costs down, and your guests don’t have to wait for a dozen other tables to be served with all the delays that can involve. Pretty much everyone knows everyone else already, so it’s a very relaxed, informal atmosphere.

Louisa and Ben at Hotel du Vin Poole

Louisa and Ben at Hotel du Vin Poole

Fortunately Louisa and Ben’s guests were pretty lively and very friendly, which meant I didn’t feel as if I was photographing the same thing all the time. (They also made sure I had plenty of soft drinks during the day. Hint, hint!) We only had three group formal photos to take, so they were done in next to no time. In fact, the whole timetable for the day was pretty compact too, so it sped by. Sometimes less really can be more!

Louisa and Ben at Hotel du Vin Poole

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    2 Responses to Louisa and Ben

    1. Timo Schneemann says:

      Why are your wedding pictures at planet.ubuntu.com? Nice pictures indeed but at the wrong place,or not? I saw several such postings at the planet and this time, i thought, I just ask…

    2. Tony says:

      Hi Timo, Planet Ubuntu is about the lives of Ubuntu contributors. There are lots of posts on there that are not about Ubuntu – last week I saw one about recipes! I’m glad you like the photos. 🙂

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