West Wittering engagement photo session

A couple of weeks ago I photographed Lini and Huw’s wedding in Arundel, but I realised that I haven’t shared their engagement photo session yet! I met up with Lini, Huw and their furry bundle of chaos called Svetlana on West Wittering beach. It was Svetlana’s first time on sand and she took to it like a dog to… well, sand I guess.

West Wittering, Sussex, engagement session

West Wittering, Sussex, engagement session

The location was a last minute arrangement due to a change of plans, and was recommended by Lisa Devlin. Thanks Lisa! It’s a wide, open beach with great sand banks and a series of colourful beach huts. But, being wide and open, it’s also very exposed to the wind. It was a blustery day, and we came away feeling rather sandblasted. At one point Svetlana just curled up on the sand in protest. But we managed to make some great photographs and Lini and Huw were really pleased with them. It took me ages to clean all the sand out of my camera equipment and test it all thoroughly. But it’s worth it when you can make great images!

West Wittering, Sussex, engagement session

West Wittering, Sussex, engagement session

Having an engagement (or “pre-wedding”) photo session is a great idea, as it helps you get comfortable in front of the camera. Most people aren’t used to being the centre of attention in that way, and it’s important that you feel relaxed and natural on your wedding day. An engagement session is a great way to practice that. It’s also an opportunity to get to know each other a bit better, and have an idea of the sort of thing I might ask you to do. That’s why I include a complementary pre-wedding photo session for all my wedding photography clients.

West Wittering, Sussex, engagement session

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    3 Responses to West Wittering engagement photo session

    1. ahhh how lovely, great photos, love the one with their sweet pup in focus. Lovely work.

    2. Naomi Jane says:

      These are ace, thanks for sharing your words of wisdom! Love an autumnal beach, and I’m a fan of the shot with the puppy in focus too!

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