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I am taking part in a fundraising community challenge in Malawi next year. The fundraising helps support the work of the AMECA Trust, which provides medical aid in Africa. Founded by Ruth Markus in memory of her son Alex, who was an army doctor, the trust believes in building healthcare that doesn’t require constant hand outs from charities just to keep operating. They have already built a health centre in Malawi, refurbished 4x4s as ambulances and provide bursaries to support nurses from the UK to work out there. All really important stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree.

In order to help persuade you to part with some of your cash, I will be going to Malawi next autumn and climbing Mount Mulanje, southern Africa’s highest peak. It’s a gruelling 5 day trek which will involve camping and sleeping in huts and probably getting bitten by insects. (Some of you will know that I am considered very tasty by insects in this country, and I am sure those in Malawi will be just as eager to sink their pincers into my flesh.) If that isn’t enough, we will also be helping in a local community project, and spending some time observing in healthcare at hospitals in Malawi.

My fundraising target is £2,550 and I’ve got about 11 months to achieve this goal. If you can, please chuck a few quid my way.

Please donate on my Virgin Money Giving page.

You will hear a lot more about it over the next few months and, of course, during and after the challenge. I will be taking part in various additional events to raise money towards my target, so if you’ve got any suggestions for things I could do, leave a comment. 😉

Thank you for reading this; any money donated will be so greatly appreciated! Please remember to Gift Aid your donation if you are eligible (basically a UK tax payer) as this makes a huge difference to the amount of funds raised for the charity.

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