Like some sort of volcano

In the end it was Peter Capaldi, the bookies favourite. Well, their most recent favourite anyway.

Unless you’ve spent the last twenty-four hours under a rock you’ll be aware that, after weeks of speculation, Capaldi has been announced as the twelfth Doctor. He is a great actor, famously fierce as Malcolm Tucker but conniving and compromised in Torchwood. Although I’m disappointed it wasn’t a mould-breaking casting (the campaign to get Vicky McClure cast as the thirteenth Doctor starts here!) Capaldi is undeniably a great actor and will bring something very different from Smith and Tennant to the role.

The whole idea of revealing what is essentially just a casting decision in a live, internationally simulcast, X-factor style show is bizarre considering where Doctor Who was twenty or even ten years ago. The whole programme was a piece of insubstantial fluff, a thirty second reveal padded out to thirty minutes. It was great seeing Peter Davison, Bernard Cribbins and the other Who alumni pop up, but one did get the sense it was just to give the camera something to point at for a little while longer. But it got the job done and over six million people tuned in to watch. I rather think JNT would have loved it.

One thing I didn’t know before is how much of a fan of the show Capaldi is. But the letter to the Radio Times, the article he wrote in a fanzine dissecting Pertwee’s opening credits and the way he greeted Nick Briggs all show that this is real fandom, not just a façade put on for the media.

There are a few days left to donate to my Malawi Mission to be in with a chance to win tickets to the BFI screenings of Doctor Who “Bad Wolf” and “Parting of the Ways”. These 50th anniversary screenings are great fun and have sold out each time and tickets are hard to get hold of, so take this opportunity to get hold of some!

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    4 Responses to Like some sort of volcano

    1. bochecha says:


      I didn’t know, and didn’t want to know! :'(

      Why do they always announce the new doctor in advance, it just ruins the surprise…

    2. Tony says:

      Ah, sorry to have spoilt the surprise for you, although the chances of you making it to Christmas without finding out somehow were slim! The BBC have always announced the new Doctor before he appears on screen, even back in the classic era.

    3. bochecha says:

      Yeah, I’m not really mad at you, you merely happened to be the one on whose blog I read the spoiler. 🙂

      But yeah, I never go to the BBC website, and I never watch any program around Doctor Who (except Doctor Who itself), precisely for this reason.

      I started watching in 2005, so I didn’t know the Doctor could regenerate. Imagine my surprise when I saw Christopher Eccleston become David Tennant! 😀

      And then, during the last season of David Tennant (I didn’t know that was his last), I went to the BBC website, to learn when the new episodes would be aired. And there it was, on the Front page: “Matt Smith is the next Doctor”.

      I don’t understand why they do that. The transition from Christopher Eccleston to David Tennant had something magical for me. It was so unbelievable! The transition from David Tennant to Matt Smith however, just felt bland. I knew it was happening, I knew when it would happen.

      Anyway, I’m sure Peter Capaldi will be an awesome Doctor, so let’s focus on that.

      And thanks for all your articles about Doctor Who by the way. I live in Hong Kong, so there’s no way I could make it to all those events where they air the old episodes in a theatre room, and I’ve really enjoyed reading your reports, with all the anecdotes I’d have never learned otherwise. 🙂

    4. Tony says:

      Yes, I can totally understand that. I had somehow missed that the Eccleston regeneration was going to happen and it came as a total shock and was very exciting. Although it must have been an even bigger shock not even knowing that it was possible in the first place!

      For what it’s worth, I think it was SteMo’s intent to make it a total surprise regeneration this time round. Matt had confirmed that he was appearing in the 2014 season, even though he must have known he wasn’t. I think the only reason they’ve had to go for the “maximum publicity” option is because the papers got hold of it.

      I can understand how living in Hong Kong might make it easier to avoid things, although all my social media feeds have been full of it for two days solid now. Glad you’re enjoying the BFI articles. I couldn’t go to July’s screening, but hope to be back soon!

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