Video killed the radio star(s)

We tried something a little different during the last Ubuntu Podcast recording session. Thanks to the nice people at BT who have installed fibre to the cabinet in the neighbourhood, we suddenly have lots more bandwidth available at Studio A. In turn that’s meant we can consider something that has only been a pipe dream before: video. We’ve been asked by quite a few people over the years whether we can have a video stream of our live recording sessions as well as the audio.

I’ve always liked the glimpses behind the metaphorical curtain that started when radio stations installed webcams in their studios. Seeing the production team in action gave a better insight into the work required to make a radio show seem as effortless as they need to. Radio 1 in particular now goes even further and makes videos of segments. As a radio geek they fascinate me. Whilst I am in no way comparing our efforts with those of the BBC, hopefully having videos available will add something extra to our shows for those who are interested.

We used Google Hangouts to broadcast ourselves (thankfully Alan was able to make all the stuff happen with accounts) and we took a feed from the mixer into Alan’s laptop. This means that the automatic voice detection doesn’t work, but Alan did a good job of switching between webcams manually. There are some things that aren’t great, particularly the resolution from the webcam I was using, and we could all do with finding more flattering angles on ourselves. But that’s showbiz!

As an added bonus the stream is recorded and you can watch the video from the first live episode here:

Can’t see it? Click here.

Have a watch and let us know what you think: podcast at and make sure you watch the next live recording on Wednesday 28th August at 1930 UTC.

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    One Response to Video killed the radio star(s)

    1. Stephen Michael Kellat says:

      Congratulations on making it happen Tony. Sadly this won’t really ever happen for the Burning Circle. The only time we’re live is if we record in front of an audience at Ohio Linux Fest. If somebody fronted the (significant gobs of) cash to make it happen, I suppose I could do it live at OggCamp too. Until my rural American broadband gets improved I’ve got trouble tuning into your Icecast feed let alone producing my own outbound live stuff.

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