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This weekend was a double bill of lasts – I photographed my last wedding of the year on Saturday, a fun and intimate day at Hill Place in Swanmore. Then on Sunday I went to the last of the BFI’s 50th anniversary Doctor Who screenings. It was the turn of Matt Smith, his era represented by “The Eleventh Hour” and “The Name of the Doctor”. The episodes are almost bookends on Smith’s tenure, and it’s the first time that we’ve had anything other than a complete story shown at these screenings.

“The Eleventh Hour” is a perfect introduction to the way that Moffat wants to tell the story of Doctor Who, so different from what preceded it. Smith is full of energy, he goes from zero to sixty in a split second, never walking when he can run. Amelia Pond is an excellent character right from the start, the little girl let down by the Doctor grown into a distrusting woman.

By the time “The Name of the Doctor” comes around, Amy and Rory are memories and the Doctor travels with Clara, the impossible girl. This episode is full of little moments to excite long term fans and ends with stunning revelation that John Hurt is The Doctor. It was strange watching it so soon after it’s been on TV and I don’t think I got anything new from it, probably the only time it’s happened during this season of screenings.

Saul Metzstein, Mark Gatiss, Dan Starkey, Steven Moffat at the BFI 50th anniversary screening

Mark Gatiss showing exactly where certain fans are a pain

As ever the hosts from the BFI, Dick Fiddy and Justin Johnson, put on a great show. They have become quite the double act over the year, and I was pleased that the crowd have eventually picked up on my cue to “whoop” them when they enter. The day wrapped up with a panel, with director Saul Metzstein, Mark Gatiss, Dan Starkey and Steven Moffat. It was lively, particular when Steven got going on his pet subject of spoilers.

I’ve been lucky enough to have tickets for all of the BFI 50th anniversary screenings, and “An Adventure in Space and Time” and “The Day of the Doctor” (although sadly work commitments kept me away from a couple of them). (A big thank you to James from the Doctor Who Podcast for getting those early tickets.) The little gang who have met up at the screenings have become friends over the year, and I will miss the opportunity to watch Doctor Who and discuss it with other fans regularly. Doctor Who fans really are very nice people.

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