Oh yes they did!

This weekend I had the pleasure of watching my parents do something I’ve never seen them do before. Acting together. On a stage. In front of people who have paid to be there.

The church that they attend resurrected its annual pantomime this year, for the first time in probably fifteen years. Conversation over Christmas was about little else, and they have clearly put heart and soul into it since August when rehearsals began.

I went along to the performance not knowing too much about what to expect, apart from embarrassment. Dad has been a dame before and something tells me he was near the front of the line of volunteers, offering to don the wig and heels again. It is a measure of his commitment that he shaved his ankles and forearms for the role. Mum claims she was roped into playing the baddie’s son who gets to woo a milkmaid with enormous buckets.

My parents are, I hope they won’t mind me saying, both in their sixties now. Yet you wouldn’t know it if you had seen them throwing themselves around on the stage. Dad actually did a forward roll, in heels. Mum sang and danced and looked so different in the costume and wig that I didn’t recognise her at first!

Of course, there were plenty of other people in the cast doing their bit. With a script and songs written especially for the run, this was not an AmDram production that did things by halves. Particularly impressive were the costumes, even the chorus dressed in consistent and plausible outfits. Clever use of moving lights kept the lighting rig small. But above all it was fantastic to see my folks having a ball on stage, clearly loving every moment of it. Congratulations. 🙂

Stage at St Matthews Redhill

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