Big Finish Day 4

I had a great time at the weekend, taking photographs at Big Finish Day 4. The event is for fans of the audio production company, who make audio plays of Doctor Who, The Avengers, Dark Shadows, Blake’s 7 and much more. I’ve listened to Big Finish audio plays for years, mostly their Doctor Who range (of course!). The production standards are superb and one of their recent releases is up for a BBC audio drama award. I’ve been lucky enough to do some work for them over the last few months, and was asked to go along to capture some of the event.

In the morning I was wandering around taking candid shots of people enjoying the convention and the panels. It was rather like taking wedding photographs although slightly more relaxed. There are so many different moments to capture in a short time during a wedding ceremony, but a convention panel is a little more static and a good deal longer. Fortunately the urbane Nick Briggs kept the crowd laughing through the morning, and there was a really great atmosphere through the whole event.

In the afternoon I set up a portable studio to take some photos of various Big Finish actors. I was rather pleased with this set up, especially as it all managed it fit in my car! Apart from the background roll.

Big Finish Day 4

I really enjoyed working at Big Finish Day, catching up with some of the very nice people I’ve met at recording sessions, and hope to be asked back again!

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