New year, new logo

I’m very pleased to reveal a brand new logo for my photography. I think it reflects my geekiness, my excellent sense of humour (you may disagree) and generally straightforward approach to photography.

Tony Whitmore Photography Logo

It was a fun but challenging process to collect together ideas that might influence the design. “Describe yourself” is always a difficult question to answer, but gradually I collected a pinterest board full of things I feel describe my aspirations and that I admire: Classic design, comedy heroes, retro computing.

My photographic style has developed so much since I started photographing weddings back in the dim and distant past of 2011. This new branding reflects the clearer understanding I have of my style, but also who I am as a person and a photographer. I’m not going to be in your face and demanding, but I will be smiley and chatty. I won’t filter, airbrush and process your photos until they look completely artificial: I will produce natural looking images that show your personalities. I won’t try and pose every tiny aspect of your photos: I will create a space where you feel comfortable and can act naturally.

My new branding was designed by the brilliant Tom Holmes and I will be using it for my wedding photography as well as other photography and video work (about which more soon!).

I think the little fella should have a name though. Any suggestions?

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    2 Responses to New year, new logo

    1. Hugo Mills says:

      Leonard. He also needs a hat (which would be Len’s cap)

    2. Tony says:

      Hah. I can always rely on you for some “humour”. 😉

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