The bailey beareth the bell away

September 9, 2006

I saw this poem on one of the Underground’s “Poems on the Underground” posters and couldn’t help thinking of this little fella and the racket his collar makes when he runs across the field. Pin It

At least the dead ones are easier to catch…

June 28, 2006

The cats have been on something of a killing spree lately. Bailey has been caught bird in mouth on more than one occasion, so he is the prime culprit for leaving the little “presents” that are sometimes waiting after work. Yesterday was unusual though. No sign of any cats, just lots of things knocked over […]

Cat news

October 3, 2005

Well, Bailey and Gizmo have been to the vets and back today. They both seem fine. Bailey doesn’t seem to have noticed that anything’s missing and is quite liking the idea of chicken for tea. Gizmo is a bit quieter but then she’s had a bigger operation. She’s tucked into a bit of chicken too […]

Things learnt today.

June 28, 2005

Bacula is good, but very confusing. It’s clearly very flexible, but perhaps I’m not mentally geared up to it yet. Don’t let a cat walk on your keyboard whilst backing up your data via Unison. Bad things happen. Pin It


June 15, 2005

The most important thing to happen today is that I won the first Geek Car Number Plate Game. It was an exciting contest and I was pleased that people wanted to take part. I’m also glad to have won, of course. 🙂 Other than that, this evening I have been mostly entertaining the kittens, assembling […]